Dogzone 3: DnD Zone

Chapter 1: A Foul Breed
Gallows Of Madness

The Pathfinder Society is a global organization that specializes in exploring and adventuring. If there's a problem, rumor, myth or potential discovery, your local Pathfinder Lodge is on it. The Society has selected it's "finest" agents (the six of you) to venture into the coastal town of Saringallow. 

"Always remember – Explore, Report, Cooperate!"
                                                                                                 -Some Pathfinder Agent at Some Point

A rash of missing apprentices plagues the Isgeri town of Saringallow, and there are rumors of enormous vermin lurking in the alleys. It’s up to the heroes to uncover the sinister plot at work… and put a stop to it's culprits.

...Well technically pathfinder zone but you get it
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Hey guys! Welcome to the Dogzone DnD campaign page.  We're gonna play some games! Woooo!

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