Character Creation

Sup everybody. Welcome to the character guidelines for our Dogzone DnD campaign!

<u>This Module is gonna Hand Hold us to Level 3</u>

Gallows of Madness is a Pathfinder Module that takes first level characters to level three by the end of the third chapter. 3 XP is given for each chapter (that's one level). Each chapter takes about four-five hours. So this module should take about six game days (maybe less).
After we complete this module we can decide as a group if we wanna do a large campaign or continue with smaller missions… but that'll come later

<u>How to Build Your Character</u>

Our first session will be about the math part of character building, so if you're having a hard time don't stress about getting everything in place. For character sheets, we'll be using the preset ones in Obsidian Portal. To make a character, go to the characters tab and click the plus in the corner of the main box. This will give you a new page with a bunch of stuff to fill in. Check the box that says "Player Character?" and in the dropdown menu, select "Pathfinder Character Sheet". You can fill in all your math stuff and item stuff there.
(Heres an example of a character built in obsidian portal if you need reference)

<u>A little about the Module</u>

Gallows of Madness takes place in Isger, a vassal state within the Empire of Cheliax. Which basically means… Devils. Hellknights. Edgy stuff. Our adventurers begin in Sarringallow, a little river town on the border of Isger and Cheliax (the state). Sarringallow is chill in comparison to Cheliax as in there are less Hellknights wandering around town and more… common people trying to live common lives. However, there've been some recent disappearances that act as our character's call to action. It's your job to investigate why people are disappearing and who is responsible.

If you'd like to fit your character into the context of the region, feel free to check out this wiki. This is totally optional. Feel free to give your character whatever ties you feel fit.


<u>Things that are always Banned</u>

NO!!!!!!!! THIRD PARTY!!!!!!!!!! CONTENT!!!!!!!!!
(If you want to be a weird race or class we can talk about reskinning/finding an official class that fits what you wanna play.)
Everything else is cool.


Your choice in classes are:

If you see something you wanna use, lemme know and I'll see if we can make it work!


Your choice in classes are anything from here as long as it isn't third party. Anything that says "Paizo" on it or the core/advanced races are a-ok.


Character Creation

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